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Your path to a new career starts here.

Career Boost is just that – a training program that will get you into high-paying careers in manufacturing, IT and childcare in record time. Even without a high school diploma, you can get the skills you need to start a new career in just six months.


  • Careers starting at $15/hour
  • One-on-one support from sign-up to job placement
  • Evening and weekend classes allow you to keep your day job
  • Team teaching- learn basic math and English skills while you get hands-on training
  • First two-week class is free

choose your path

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career boost colorado information technology

Information Technology

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Child Development

who we are

Career Boost is a joint job-training program of Pikes Peak Community College, School District 11- Adult and Family Education, and the Pikes Peak Workforce Center.

how we’re different

Our team of instructors teaches English and math while they’re training you for manufacturing, IT and childcare jobs. This approach helps you see the practical applications for what you’re learning.

how it works

Who is eligible

  • An interest in learning skills in manufacturing, IT or child development
  • Tests at or below a 12th-grade level
  • Willing to commit 5 hours a week to training

Cost and time

  • Introductory two-week class is free
  • Follow-up classes from $200 to $300
  • Evening or weekend classes
  • Financial assistance is available


  • We will assist you in getting an interview for an internship or job

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